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My name is Chris Morgan. I am a Los Angeles-based musician, but my background begins with the study of music theory at the Royal Schools of Music in the UK, and extends through nearly 20 years of various bands, production and engineering gigs, and most recently has led to composition for film and television.

I have a particular interest in working with unconventional instrumentation and arrangements. I enjoy working with processed guitars and bass, tape loops, found sounds, and musique concrète elements. Combining these uncommon sounds with complex melodic and harmonic concepts to create music that is strikingly cinematic, yet has a unique aesthetic.

For this reason, I enjoy working with filmmakers who are like-minded artists, looking to extend beyond the traditional. Of course, dialogue between composer and filmmaker is key, and communication during the scoring process ensures that the filmmaker's vision is what is directly expressed through the music.

My approach and aesthetic is not for everyone. I much prefer working with a producer or director who appreciates and embraces the unconventional. It's important to keep in mind that by unconventional, I don't mean jarring, clangorous, or dissonant, necessarily; rather a way of looking at the music that is not formulaic. Being open and receptive to the use of unusual instruments or spartan orchestrations, for example. Composers who can mimic existing styles and film music are plentiful. Those who can take things a step further and innovate are less so.

It's also important to understand the implications of my extensive engineering and production background. It's because of this background that you can expect production quality that is a cut above many independent composers' capabilities. Many composers leave the engineering and/or mixing to someone else, whereas I find these phases of production as critical creatively as the composition phase itself. It is my belief that sounds and timbres, as well as how they're put together, have a tremendous and vital impact on the aesthetic and "feel" of the score.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am open to most projects, and enjoy conceptual discussions about the potential of music in film.

Continue to passionately create...